A whole life turned upside down…

Every week you jump on your bike for a beautiful ride, but after this ride you can never cycle or walk again.

Arie-Jan was living an active and social life until one moment, on Sunday morning 7th March 2021, life for him and his family changed forever. 

Arie-Jan was almost home from his weekly round on his race bike, when he collided with a car. Although this happened at low speed, this simple accident had severe consequences for him. Arie-Jan landed so unfortunately that he suffered a serious spinal cord injury, meaning that a large part of his body is now paralyzed.

Strenght does not stem from physical power, but from an
unyielding will


At this moment, Arie-Jan is working hard towards his recovery in rehabilitation center De Hoogstraat in Utrecht, and he is getting used to life in a wheelchair. In a few months, Arie-Jan can hopefully return home. And for this, we need your help!


The medical adaptations for a home are profound and costly. Think of a stairlift, adaptations for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Alas, not all of these costs are covered. That is why we have started crowdfunding. With your donation, we enable Arie-Jan to return to his home, where he can continue working on his recovery and be together with his wife Marion and his three kids: Tijs, Anna and Pepijn..
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