The foundation

The board
Chairman: Mark van der Plas
Secretary: Mark Bentveld
Treasurer: Tino Bijlemeer


Lisdodde 78
2408LX, Alphen aan den Rijn
KvK-nummer: 82503176

The foundation does not have a Dutch tax ANBI status.

The foundation

Shortly after Arie-Jan’s accident, friends and family started multiple initiatives to support him. E.g. for cooking, child support and transport.

Fairly soon the group of friends had the idea to start a foundation to help and support Arie-Jan. On the 12th of April 2021, Stichting Toekomstplan Arie-Jan (meaning Foundation for a plan for the future for Arie-Jan) was founded. The foundation is not for profit, and it’s goal is to collect money (through donations and other initiatives), to manage it and to make it available for Arie-Jan and his family.


The purpose for the donations are, where regular health budgets and subsidies are not enough, to facilitate medical adaptations to the home. Furthermore, the money can also be used for aids and facilities in the areas of transport, sports and other areas to improve the self-dependence or other not-subsidized help, and care or rehabilitation activities for his recovery. All donations to the foundation are direct donations to Arie-Jan.

A special first donation…

Arie-Jan’s family decided to donate part of the heritage from his recently deceased uncle and grandma to the foundation. A grand gesture which would have had the full support from both of them.